Sounds of: September 2018

Welcome to Sounds of: September. As the seasons change, music and audio shifts between the lines. The following sounds tread between emotions, nostalgia, and genres.

Courtside | Triathalon

End of summer feels

This is probably one of the cutest music videos you’ll find. Triathalon kills it vocals and beat wise and with even what seems like an explosion that just gets subtly tucked in the song. There’s also awesome visuals of New York including Williamsburg, Williamsburg Bridge, and the Subway.

This genre bending group makes you question a little as to where they fit but that’s what’s pretty great about their sound. Honestly, they don’t really fit and it’s pretty awesome.


Drowning | Zhu

House, Electronic, with a touch of R&B reminiscent of The Weeknd

Zhu is back on tour and out with his latest EP, Ringos Desert. Drowning caught my attention immediately with Zhu’s falsettos and style very reminiscent of The Weekend. As of late, Zhu has been touring for Ringos Desert and each track takes you through a deep, mysterious experience that stemmed from a dark place where his guitarist was going through a traumatic divorce. This record was a way to channel those feelings and make it a positive experience.

This particular track floats between Zhu’s EDM heavy experience and his falsettos pull us into the depths of emotion. It’s not a track to miss.


Sierra Burgess is a Loser Soundtrack

Netflix Teen Coming of Age vibes

Much like To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Sierra Burgess is a Loser’s Soundtrack is a cohesive set that weaves in each song throughout each scene distinctly to emphasize emotions and character play. Each song blends well and carries you through the awkward, light-hearted, funny, sweet, and a dab of devious experience from the movie.


Failing | Kartell ft. Tom Bailey

House, R&B, Future Beat

Sexy and crossing over deeper into R&B, Failing pulls Kartell further away from his more recent tracks. While this is an older track from 2015, it’s a great mix for those of us who crave a little more vocal anchor in our songs.

Also, super appropriate, Kartell appreciates sharing songs that he’s spent ages to find rather than what everyone likes.


What About Me | Lil Wayne ft Sosamann

R&B, Hip-hop

Lil Wayne is back for what seems like an eternity. Much anticipated, Lil Tenuchi recently released Tha Carter V.

This track is a little on the softer side with an autotuned Lil Wayne cooning through about being forgotten despite his dedication to this girl. Interestingly, most rappers often feature an R&B singer but this is a bit of a role reversal where we hear Sosamann featured instead of Wayne rapping.

There’s a ton more to this album but this song while subtle stood out the most based on a bit of a nostalgic Wayne (think How to Love from Tha Carter IV).


Angela | William Fitzsimmons


Heartbreak. William Fitzsimmons voice and lyrics are just full of heartbreak. A beautiful song from his latest album, Mission Bell, Angela reflects on some uncomfortable truths. Which is what you can also see through the visuals reflecting on events of a relationship where you love someone who loves someone else. What does it mean to move on from heartbreak? Those are the questions we ask.

This album chronicles Fitzsimmons experience with a recent separation from his wife and he brings you on a journey through it all.


Til you Say | glue70

Hip-hop and funky makes you want to throw your shades on and groove

Think funky, upbeat beats mixed with vocals that come in an out that’ll get you in the mood to groove. glue70 does some fun vocal play morphing it from muffled to clear blending well into the beat.

Very little can be found on glue70 but there’s a ton of work on SoundCloud worth checking out.


Feels Right | Alina Baraz

R&B sensual

Hello late 90s, early 2000s vibes—Alina Baraz is back with her latest track, Feels Right.

Most of us know Alina Baraz through her Urban Flora collection with Galamatias. Alina on her own is a little more sensual and leans more mainstream but her voice still stands out incredibly. In fact, its a sort of her signature where her voice carries so beautifully, softly.

Read more about her latest album, The Color of You and her 3-year journey to releasing her first album (via Harper’s Bazaar).


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