Sounds of: October 2018

Welcome to Sounds of: October 2018. Like all of 2018, this month has come and gone just like that. Not to worry, tons of new (and old) music, a few docs/behind the scenes, and dreamy vibes for your enjoyment.

Since October | dvsn

Short Docu-series on dvsn, R&B duo from ovo

dvsn has been on the rise since the duo debut in September 2016. These shorts capture those moments of their growth and never before seen moments for the duo. If you don’t know already, dvsn is comprised of singer Daniel Daley, whose voice can wreck you with emotions, and producer Nineteen85 who has already been filling your sound waves with Drake hits like “One Time”, “Hotline Bling”, and “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and most recently, “GTFO” for Mariah Carey’s latest album.

The first two of the Since October series is on Youtube.


One More | Yaeji

End of summer feels

Hailing from Queens, Yaeji delivers One More following her EP2. Both English and Korean is mixed fluidly in this song in a very loose and ethereal style and a bit of autotune. Without any understanding of Korean, you’d think this some was merely something to groove to with its melody. According to Yaeji via Pitchfork, this “is about enduring and coming to terms with pain until you have the strength to forgive and move on.”

For more on the song, check out Pitchfork’s take.


Coupe | Kris Wu ft Rich the Kid

Smooth rap & hip-hop from international Kris Wu

With much anticipation for Antares, Kris Wu’s debut US English album, Wu has released Coupe with Rich The Kid reminding us that he’s worked harder than us.

While the album is out now (since November 2, 2018), Kris Wu has released Freedom ft. Jhene Aiko, Like That, and Deserve ft Travis Scott and now Coupe for a buildup to his debut. For those who don’t know already, Kris Wu was once an international pop star part of the Korean Boy Band, Exo. Since leaving, he’s been cultivating his music focused on the US Hip Hop market. An interesting pivot, though not unheard of for multi-talented artists like Kris Wu.


Big Jet Plane | Jan Blomqvst Animal Trainer Remix

Taking you in a ride via “slow rave”

If you dig a little deeper, this song was sung first by Lady of the Sunshine who was Angus Stone’s pseudonym. However, when Angus and Julia Stone came out with their album, this song came out as well is best known via this duo. This version, Jan Blomqvst and Animal Trainer’s who signature “slow rave” sound brings this song into a new life.

The original track is a little slower and full of emotion. There’s that and then some more in this remix.


The Distance | Mariah Carey ft Ty Dolla $ign

R&B ballad with a bit of funky beat

After four long years since Mariah’s last album, we’ve been consistently treated with more and more singles as they come out lately. The Distance starts with a chant from a cheer squad and jumps right into Mariah professing her love proudly. Recently, she released With You produced by DJ Mustard, GTFO produced by Nineteen85, and this latest collaboration produced by Skillex and Poo Bear.

Listen to the whole track here and her latest album, Caution is set to release on November 16, 2018.


Divide | ODESZA ft Kelsey Bulkin

electro-indie pop with ethereal vocals

If you’ve ever seen Odesza live, you’re taken away by the production. Kelsey Belkin (previously one half of Made In Heights) leads this song. Odesza explains the album, A Moment Apart, focuses on recreating moments and memories through each song. One can only imagine what was behind Divide.

Read more on the duo’s explanation behind their 2017 album.


Waste | Rhye RY X Remix

Rhye’s ethereal sound mixed with what’s definitely not Zhu’s sound

Rhye, which is Mike Milosh’s musical project, has captured all of us with his sound. You can hear the lyrics oozing out of your speakers in true Rhye fashion.  However, RY X takes it up a notch that almost, but not entirely, but could be mistaken for Zhu’s sound. You’re definitely in for an audio treat with this track.


DEW ♥ – Lo Fi Version | PYNKIE

indie pop lo fi dreaminess

Dreamy, chill and transports you into visions of riding down the open highway or fresh mountain air coming into your lungs. PYNKIE is Lindsey Rae Radice, and this song is part of her debut album, neoteny.


Pram – Omar Apollo

dreamy acoustics blend of soulful vocals

Pram is one of those tracks that just kind of stops you because of its pure simplicity. Omar Apollo’s voice and his guitar blending to bring you such a beautiful sound.

As a bonus, this is an incredible short doc on Omar Apollo “figuring out” his path into music as a musician with immigrant parents via Remezcla.



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