Sounds of: November 2018

Warm jams for a cold AF winter. For November 2018, Sounds of is focused on fun and dreamy vibes. We’ve got six tracks to get you started to discover more.

FUN! | Vince Staples

Hip hop banger bringing you back to a hint of hyphy

In the latest lead single for Vince Staples recent “special project,” FM!, we’ve got FUN! featuring E-40. This particular track’s got a fun music video to go along with the track featuring a clever use of Google Maps UI and a storyline that feels eerily similar to habits of how audiences consume online content. 

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Dreamcatcher | Metro Boomin ft Swae Lee & Travis Scott

A little rated R hip hop track

Speaking of dreamy vibes, Dreamcatcher on Metro Boomin’s Not all Heroes Wear Capes captures both rappers’ style and blends it all together. As usual, Travis Scott’s lines are a mix of a little about his love life, play on words, and then some while Swae Lee ties it all together with the hook. 

If you’ve never heard of Metro Boomin, I guarantee you’re probably lying. He’s collaborated with some of the biggest artists today and while you’ll never hear his own vocals (he’s a producer after all), you’ll certainly hear his tag in the beginning of songs he’s produced.

Here’s more on Metro Boomin on Pitchfork’s album review.

Drip | The Marias & Triathalon

Dreamy pop to melt the days together

If you loved Courtside from Triathalon, they’re back with a collab alongside The Marías. It’s dreamy, wavey, synthy and it feels like the two are doing two completely different songs but it works so well together bringing your attention back and forth between the two vocalists of their respective groups.

Here’s Fader’s take.

Headfucked | Shy Girls

A little warped track about being stuck in your own head.

Dan Vidmar of Shy Girls has some of the most complex music. His latest right after he released a gospel heavy Hallelujah explores the concept of “claustrophobia” of the mind. It’s sort of dead simple and gives us a glimpse into his new project coming up in 2019.

Read more on Vidmar’s take of his latest music on Complex.


A hazier take on the original

Zhu’s style is often characterized by heavy buildup, dark tracks that transport you to probably the deepest, dark parts of your club nights. ODESZA, on the other hand, removes a layer of that with their chillwave, electropop sound but still keeping the core of the song. It adds a little more dimensionality to the song where it almost tops the original depend on the context you’re playing it in.

Waste of Time | Lostboycrow, Bea Miller

A bit of a pop anthem on the opposite of time wasting

Ahead of Lostboycrow’s much anticipated album, Santa Fe, which is due early 2019, we get Waste of Time, which leans heavily on a mix of both artist’s vocals, heavy synths and a guitar solo. 

The lyrics themselves seem like an ode to the creative process cycling through feeling the pressures of creating something but ultimately understanding that it’s not a waste of time.

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