Sounds of: December 2018

With a blink of an eye, December is already here and we’re at the end of our Sounds of Series for 2018. As we close out this year, you’re covered with four albums, a fun Christmas themed release and six or so tracks. Enjoy!


JoJo 2018 Remastered E V E R Y T H I N G

Nostalgic Pop jams with grown-up vocals from the queen herself

December 20th with now forever be known as JoJo Day. If you missed it, Happy belated JoJo day to you, your mama, the boy you told to Leave (Get Out) because it’s Too Little Too Late. If you couldn’t tell already, I stan JoJo.

For those who hear these songs in their 20s and up and feel all type of ways. Why? Because fans have been deprived of her work from her old record label. If there were times throughout the year where you’re like “What happened to JoJo? Why doesn’t she make music anymore?” IT WASN’T HER FAULT. She was locked in a contract with a record label that’s not only hindered her from her growth but also from being able to release music. You can read it for yourself in her point of view on an interview with Vulture. It’s devastating to hear when talented people get stifled from the inner workings of industries with no real control.

Fast forward to December 20, 2018, JoJo has remastered her first two albums JoJo and The High Road, along with singles Demonstrate and Disaster. Remastering music is literally re-recording and rebuilding the song from scratch. It’s especially a treat for fans of JoJo since it’s all with her grown-up vocals where she previously recorded JoJo, her debut album at the age of 13 and The High Road at the age of 15. It’s beautiful and connects with her longtime fans in another level and bridging audiences with the younger generation.

See all the love on Paper Magazine, MTV, and Noisey

CRAZYTALK | Mat Kearney

Hip-hop and folk blended together to get you grooving in your seat

This month, we’ve got Mat Kearney’s album on CRAZYTALK on rotation getting us pumped up. There seemed to be no other music to get us in the mood to get working except this album.

Top songs include I Can’t Wait For You To Get Here, Changes, Face to Face, and of course, Memorized.


Icarus Falls | Zayn

An hour and a half of sadboi pop 

In a very ZAYN way, he’s released his latest album with 20+ tracks cooning through his emotions and more. There’s a bit of lightness and optimism in the beginning and then the album falls to a bit of darkness. A few top favorites include his singles Let Me, Entertainer and others including Imprint, Natural, and Good Years.


A Very Spidey Christmas

A fourth wall breaking type of Xmas from your favorite neighborhood spidermen.

If you haven’t already watched Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse, you’ve missed out on a ton of great music, animation, and probably a few memes here or there. Just released as part of the holiday celebrations, a cute, short “A Very Spidey Christmas” was released with vocals from a few of the actors in the film. I guarantee you if you hate Xmas music, this makes it a little better.


Sundress | A$AP Rocky

Cheeky hip-hop leaning towards your favorite indie rock band vibes

First of all, whenever you hear A$AP Rocky, it never sounds like him but sounds exactly like him. This dynamic artist always has you on your toes trying to figure out what he’s doing and where he’s going. Even with this music video, you’re at the edge of your seat trying to figure out what’s happening with the frozen stills, nostalgic styling, and flashbacks.


Oh, It Is Love | Hellogoodbye

Ukelele profession of love

Let me take you back to 2006 when music was a little more bubbly and sweet exactly encompassed in this song. This track crept right back from Lauv Loves Playlist (which is stellar by the way). All the feels come back even with the ukelele.


Jetty | Tycho

Tycho style video game inspired music

Transporting you into the work of VR and video games, there’s a very specific style of music that goes along with getting you into the zone and storyline of a game. Jetty is one of Tycho’s first songs to explore this subgenre which blends in very Tycho like.

More from Broadway World about Tycho’s foray into video game inspired music.


Sometimes | Goth Babe

Dreamy indie track longing for drifting thoughts

According to Goth Babe’s Spotify profile. Griff Washburn currently lives off the grid in his camper with his dog going up and down the West Coast. His music is recorded in the back of his camper van run by solar power. To be honest, that’s probably one of the coolest backstories with a completely unrelated artist name.

Anyways, this track brings you on a journey that you can definitely imagine driving down the Calfornia coast longing for passing thoughts.

Here’s a throwback interview from 2015 with Goth Babe pre-west coast move.


Airy, dreamy, and a touch of longing

A poppier remix with ethereal vocals

Of course, we have to share what our 2018 sounded like. You can find our yours as well on

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