Sounds of: January 2019

It’s been a whole year since January 2019 has ended. Most importantly, since it was the longest month ever into 2019, we’ve also got a ton of music to listen to. Seriously, our monthly playlist includes 45 songs. Don’t worry, we’ve covered just a few to get you started. Ready? Let’s go.


Nanã | Polo & Pan

French Electro Pop, catchy as hell


indie taking it slow, some might call it bedroom pop

A total contrast from Nanã, Brad Stank’s O.T.D. slows it all down to his bedroom pop style where we enter slow with as the percussion, bass, guitar and eventually vocals come in. In what seems like an effortlessly cool song, Brad Stank sings about desire that’s showing but unwilling.

Just like his songs, he seems to be in a low-key mood as it comes to building out his musical career according to a quick interview with Clash Music.


Rainy Day Loop | SALES

lofi loneliness wrapped up in vocals and guitar

This is a really sad song. Seriously, read the lyrics. However, SALES, comprised of Orlando based Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih finds a way to weave in a whole mood without the vocals that leaves you wanting more.

Fun fact, SALES debuted in 2014 on Chinese New Year, subsequently naming their second single “chinese new year“.


Dancing with a Stranger | Sam Smith, Normani

pop singalong to a broken heart

We’re here for all the beautiful androgynous dancers. Sam Smith returns with Normani singing about being out of emotions and sorts to ending up dancing with strangers. You can’t help but to sing along and this song delivers.


Your 90s boy band is back and sounds just like your 2010s boy band.

So since the Backstreet Boys came first, is it wrong to say this sounds a little Charlie Puth or One Direction? Also, who knew the Backstreet Boys were back and released an album in 2019!?

There’s also no way of going a search for this song without “I want it that way” being the top search result.


Falling for the Wrong One | Dreamer Boy

More indie dream pop ft a boy in front of a horse

According to Elevator Mag, Dreamerboy or Zach Taylor calls his music, Cowboy Pop. This is more synthy-lofi pop topped with Dreamerboy’s ethereal vocals cooning about a breakup and teenage love.

Read more on his thought of his album release of Love, Nostalgia on


Mile High | James Blake ft Travis Scott & Metro Boomin

Wavy and probably on every playlists for chill vibes

Some of the least likely collaborators got together and created this masterpiece where it leaves you wanting more.

P.S., I’m probably a bigger fan of James Blake now because of his incredible partner, Jameela Al-Jamil. She’s an incredible human, actor (Tahani from The Good Place), and activist (@i_weigh). Here’s an interesting article from the Guardian detailing how James Blake because hip-hop’s favorite brit and of course, my favorite, nod to Jameela Al-Jamil and her influence on his latest album, Assume Form.


One Man Band | Old Dominion

Good ol’ country singalong for those of us wanting to be more than a soloist

Alright, once in a while, there’ll always be a country song that’ll play all month and this month, it’s One Man Band. A few negative points of the lack of creativity in this music video but major points for lyrically driven cuteness.


Monte Carlo | Toro Y Moi, Wet

autotuned Chaz reporting for duty with references to the Bay

Riddled with slang from Bay folks, Toro Y Moi references BART, Uber, East Bay, The City, reminding you geographically how vast SF Bay Area is and our various modes of transportation to take you from A to B. Not to mention, the entire song surrounds a Monte Carlo.


This Old House is All I Have | Against All Logic

It’s a journey of a song, promise it’s worth it

This is one of those songs you should really have your headphones in first. It’s an experience to hear the muffled beat in your ears, that then transitions to percussion, and then straight into a beat that feels as if though you’ve listened to a whole spectrum of music in one go. If you listen closely enough, this song also samples David Axelrods’ The Warnings (Part II) which has a completely different sound.

Interestingly, Against All Logic is a project of Nicholas Jaar, an American-Chilean artist whose most known for his electronic, experimental work and this song is no different.

Read more with Pitchfork‘s take on the entire album to judge for yourself.


Jade | Lolo Zouaï ft Blood Orange

Lyrical duo that’ll leave you wanting more via bedroom bangers

If Lolo sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve probably heard for singles “Desert Rose” and “Blue” that flooded your playlists in the past. Read more on her recent interview with Highsnobiety.


Awake | Mars Today



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