Sounds of: February 2019

Welcome to Sounds of: February 2019 where we bring you 36 new songs to add to your playlists and one important podcast episode you absolutely need to listen to. Don’t worry, we’re only talking about a few here and you’ll be able to add the rest from our monthly Spotify playlist


Honesty | Pink Sweat$

acoustic R&B wrapped up in longing and aesthetics


r&b pop reminding ourselves to love ourselves

A ode to reminding ourselves to love ourselves. The video’s aesthetics are a total contrast from Pink Sweat$ but the message is very clear. 

We’re here for any music that bring positivity to ourselves. Olivia O’Brien has penned a letter to LadyGunn in regards to the song. It’s a beautiful read.


Pearl Cadillac | Gary Clark Jr.

smooth and soulful guitars and vocals

“I don’t want to let you down / I only want to make you proud” is probably the anthem for everyone living their lives hoping to be the best version of themselves for the people they love. Lyrically, the song is beautiful and can be interpreted in many different ways. What really brings it all together is the guitar and drums that bring us through the journey of this song.


Empty Streets | Late Night Alumni

does anyone picture michelle phan putting on makeup to this music too?

An older song but still so good. Released in 2005, this song probably rang throughout your bedroom in the form of Michelle Phan’s Youtube Videos. In fact, she loved them so much she still posted about LNA in 2015. There’s no doubt that Becky Jean Williams’ vocal will hook you in. 


everyone has a Christmas album, but not as much of a banger as Kaskade’s version

Oh hell yea, it is indeed March and I’m sharing a Christmas album. While the holidays are long gone, there’s no doubt that you can accidentally turn on Kaskade’s Christmas album and not realize it’s Christmas themed. 

It was about time for Kaskade to jump in on the Xmas theme. Most of your big, favorite artists has but his is probably the best. Save this for December when everyone else is playing a terrible version of the same song. Your party is definitely going to be a hit.


yøu løøked sø beautiful that night (falling før yøu again) | cøzybøy

bedroom sad jams about re-falling in love with someone

heartbreak and longing, cøzybøy is back with a new song (of many new songs) bellowing out about “about re-falling for someone you fell for before 😔🥀”

You can learn more about the song and see what he has in store next on his Instagram.


A Night Off | Drake ft Lloyd

10 years later, still so good

Drake needs no introduction. One favorite song from his re-released So Far Gone Mixtape (yes, the original came out 10 years ago), you can’t help but reminisce back on the times when Lloyd was always on your radio (Southside, anyone?). 

According the Forbes writeup, the album was re-released as it was never commercially backed making it ineligible for the Billboard charts. However, with it re-released, it shot right up to No. 5 proving that Drake’s music is here to stay and lasts, at least, a decade long.


L$D | A$AP Rocky

love sex drugs

Alright, we’re feeling pretty nostalgic but just because it’s an old song, doesn’t mean it’s dated. L$D from A$AP Rocky crept back on our radars.

Oozing, trippy, and drawn out, A$AP finds a way to morph visuals into sound that transforms back to visuals in his music video that can kind of blow your mind. Maybe, it’s not CGI, trippy sci-fi stuff but we always appreciate when a song and it’s visuals work so well together.


Daytrip | Stephan Looney, Current Blue

daydreamy bedroom pop

We’ve all felt this, where things just don’t feel right and you gotta just get out. This song is practically that where Stephan Looney and Current Blue talk about taking a day trip.

According to Genius and cosigned by Current Blue, this song is “an expression for feeling isolated.” Hopefully more to come on who Current Blue is as this is their debut single.


Love | Anthony Russo

another love pop acoustic song you can’t help but to sing along to

Simple, when you’re in the mood to bask in a little love. 

He’s also a self-described millennial Justin Timberlake.


GOODBYE FOREVER | sakehands, Lo

dance/electronica ish


Beyond Parkland: Oakland Kids Who Experience Gun Violence Everyday | It’s Been a Minute Podcast 


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