Sounds of: March 2019

In this month’s Sound of: March 2019, we’re switching things up. This month, we’ve had a few albums on repeat that’s worth mentioning. If you’re looking for our usual songs, you can what we’ve been listening to with our usual Spotify Monthly Playlist


Acid R&B Vol. 2 | Heavy Mellow

Solo guitar riffs instrumentally layered while on acid

self-described “sexy, colorful, and simple” album 

All month, this is probably the most unexpected album we’ve come across that we’ve fallen in love with. Danny Ocean, who affectionately named this debut album after the apartment number he lived in Caracas and +1 for the only additional songwriter he collaborated with in this album, brings us so much joy. Throughout each of the songs, you can see how they play with and against one another. It’s simple, never in your face, but so catchy all at once.

You can read a track-by-track breakdown from Danny Ocean himself via Billboard.


Portraits | Greyson Chance

ballads unique to their own that all weave a portrait of the author

You might have heard of Greyson Chance once in a lifetime back when he first broke into fame online when he performed Lady Gaga’s Papparazi. Years have passed and Greyson’s a little more grown up. His vocals have matured and you’ll almost not recognize him. Except, the same power, even more so comes through the ballads of portraits.

Our favorite is plains which gives you this scene leading the west texas which by far, has to be one of our favorite songs. Listen to it and judge for yourself.


Deep in a Dream of You | Joey Pecoraro

tired girls exists too

If you’re familiar with Joey Pecoraro, you’re probably familiar with Tired Boy. With his latest album, Deep in a Dream of You, he’s back with more tracks to help you get focused, daydream, and every mood in between. 



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