List: Springtime Visit to Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is like the calm, sleepy city by the water that you never knew you needed. Recently, I spent a few days in Amsterdam with just enough time to explore on foot and by car. The following are a few favorites and things I would plan to go back to visit the next time around.

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Uniquely Amsterdam

  • Make reservations for dinner. On our trip, my friends and I wandered around at night looking for restaurants to take us in but almost all required reservations in advance. If you’re not into that, cafes that double as restaurants are a great pick as well.
  • Service is subpar so don’t expect the greatest experience of your life.
  • Bike-friendly roads! Getting around is super simple and if you’re brave enough, biking around can get you to your destination. Otherwise, a taxi, Uber, metro, bus, or walking is just as easy.


Take a stroll in Vondelpark

While Vondelpark has been described as the “New York Central Park” of Amsterdam, this felt more like the sunny Sunday vibes of Oakland’s Lake Merritt. Of course, Vondelpark was more calm, filled with tulips, ducks, and clean paths for both bikes and pedestrians enjoying the sun. I hear people also picnic as it’d be the perfect spot to do so in warmer weather.


Eco-friendly clothing and housewares at studio Jux flagship store

Ceintuurbaan 252, 1072 GH Amsterdam, Netherlands | | +31 20 753 1843

I stopped by studio Jux flagship store after seeing it on PF Candle Co’s insta stories. If you’re a big fan of the PF Candle Co amber bottles and smells, studio Jux is has everything complimentary to the candles and more. From clothing, jewelry, housewares, beauty and more, there is something for everyone at this gorgeous boutique.


Rotating art and exhibition at Hotel Droog

Staalstraat 7-A, 1011 JJ Amsterdam, Netherlands | | +31 20 523 5050

In the middle of the city sits the Hotel Droog. The front room upon entering hosts an exhibition, followed by a high-end store. As you keep going, there’s a gorgeous courtyard and a restaurant/cafe for all those into aesthetics. Stop by for a quick bite or a photo op.


Eat a little of every cuisine at De Foodhallen

Bellamyplein 51, 1053 AT Amsterdam, Netherlands |

Inside De Hallen Amsterdam,  sits De Foodhallen which includes food stalls with foods including dim sum, sushi, bbq, Indian, Mexican, and kind of everything else that you might be craving. It’s a great spot if you don’t want to decide on just one thing. The center of Foodhallen also has a bar that serves every beverage you can think of. Grab a drink, grab some food, grab a seat, and maybe a friend or two.


Immerse yourself in nature at the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam Botanical Gardens

Plantage Middenlaan 2a, 1018 DD Amsterdam, Netherlands | | +31 20 625 9021

While smaller in comparison to Brooklyn’s Botanical Gardens, it’s a beautiful garden situated within Amsterdam’s canals. You can learn about various plants from different climates and the world. Take a stroll through the back and enjoy the sun and the canals. You’ll also find a gorgeous Palm Glasshouse. The best part of the Gardens, however, is the classroom and Butterfly house. In the classroom, you can smell, taste, and touch various plants. The Butterfly House has butterflies freely flying around enjoying the plants.


Grab a slice of apple pie at Winkel 43

Noordermarkt 43, 1015 NA Amsterdam, Netherlands | | +31 20 623 0223

Dutch apple pie is hands down, better than American apple pie. Why? Winkel 43 gives you a big slice with the perfect, not-too-sweet filling encased in a graham cookie-like crust and topped with a generous helping of whipped cream. Have it with a cup of fresh ginger tea.


Roam touristy markets in the city center at Waterlooplein Market and Bloemenmarkt

If you’re going to stroll through the city center, you might as well take a look at the markets. Waterlooplein is a flea market style paradise. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, right? Bloemenmarkt is also a garden lover’s dream where you can purchase tulip bulbs and more to be shipped anywhere in the world.


Next time around…

Of course, it’s impossible to do everything in a few days. The next time I’m in Amsterdam, I’d love to:

  • Visit and learn the history of Anne Frank House
  • Stroll through the Van Gogh Museum
  • Immerse in the Heineken Experience to learn about the global brand of the beer from Amsterdam


For your next visit…


What’s your favorite?

Leave a comment and let us know your favorites. We’ll also update this post periodically to keep our faves up to date.


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