Sounds of: October 2019

Spooky season is upon us! However, there is nothing spooky about west & ease coming back alive after a brief break. Switching things up just a tiny bit with just an album and tracks on heavy rotation the past few months. Let us know what you think. Without further ado…


Sweet Insomnia | Gallant

Sweet, sad R&B from your favorite sad boi, Gallant


sexy, futuristic duet

Sabrina Claudio recently released her sophomore album, Truth Is, giving and serving you more and more music and looks. Her songs range from catchy, sexy lyrics like the one above to diving deep into the depths of her inner self where she tells you some of her deepest thoughts. 

According to Sabrina Claudio, during her recent show at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan, the faces on her album cover are tributes to the songwriters and artists who helped her build her sophomore album.


To Me | Alina Baraz

an ode to the songwriter herself

Taking us back to our inner roots, Alina Baraz sings to us about self care in the form of good people, good love, great sex, and so much more. Her video is a montage of her person shots and everything sliced in between.


Night and Day | Frank Sinatra

bringing you back to black and white movies type of vibe

Here’s something completely different from your playlist. As the cold, rainy season rolls in, this feels appropriate to remind you of the good times.



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