Meet Jing Jing Tan, a psychology geek currently leading user research as a UX Research Manager at Uber Eats based in Toronto, Canada.
Meet LotyDoty, a Brooklyn-based artist and creative focused on exploring the vast universe and piecing together answers for a complex world.
Meet Kevin Garcia, a tech marketer—currently Head of Product Marketing at Retool—based in San Francisco.
Meet Jason Au, Toronto-based product designer, photographer, and avid foodie.
Meet Sylvia Boomer Yang, motion designer, illustrator, animator, and art director based in Oakland, CA.
Subscriber-exclusive conversation with Dana Lee
Meet Dana Lee. She shares her journey of how she got into research and how she’s applied similar approaches to her work throughout her life by exploring…
Subscriber-exclusive audio conversation with Kevin Twohy
Meet Kevin Twohy, an independent product designer helping early-stage startups go from zero to one.
Subscriber-exclusive extended conversation with Janice Suhji
Meet Janice Suhji, a Korean-American artist, designer, and ceramist based in Brooklyn.
Meet Charlyn Gonda, an SF-based maker and software engineer helping people and companies bridge the gap between software and hardware.